Shibnath Saha Teachers Training College

The Great Shib Nath Saha

Shib Nath Saha is not only a name but a popular personality in the vast areas of Purbasthali Block-1 under the purview of Burdwan district. Nay, he was so called a qualified man academically, but naturally he had an inward urge for education and culture in his rural communities. As a man, he had to cross so many difficult barriers of life to enrich his experience, yet the difficulties did not daunt him long. Shib Nath Saha was a man of indomitable Spirits. He had a liberal attitude to the people in distress. He always extended his hands to spread education in his illiterate areas and eame forward to help the uneducated to be educated by his means. As a social man, he bore the responsibility of pouring the way to learning among the children as well as the masses of his locality. As an ideal man, he felt the crying need of education of the age and wanted to donate his land required for this noble purpose. Shib Nath Saha was a man of heart and so he always cherished a dream of the brighter future of the next generation and hoped that they would rise to the acme of future career. In time of the social regeneration Shib Nath Saha came forward to make better tomorrow aspired to make his dear village a model and ideal village for rural India. His dreams came true as on his donated land a B.Ed college was founded in his name and honour. Now this teacher training college has become a Becon light to serve the crying need of teacher- students coming from far and near. This college is a monumental work always reminding its maker, Shib Nath Saha for ages to come. In deed and action Shib Nath Saha will be leaving yet as long as his epitom of love for education and culture exists at Sahapur Block Purbasthali-1 under Burdwan, west Bengal.

Really, he is deserving high admiration and appreciation from all and sundry, elites and academicians in and around his locality. A man lives in his deeds not in years. This adage is quite appropriate to the life of the great Shib Nath Saha. We all remember him with due respect.

Shibnath Saha Teachers Training College
Vill - Sahapur
PO - Raipur
Dist - Burdwan
West Bengal

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